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Company Culture

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Focusing on the main line of high-strength and superplastic magnesium alloy sheet and deformation processing, the company plans to use three to five years to build an industrial group integrating magnesium alloy technology research and development, production and sales, and form a magnesium alloy in aviation, Aerospace, 3C, automotive and military applications are the core leading industries, which will enhance the scale of the company, product types, technical content, sales revenue and profit margins, and quickly take a leading position in the global high-end magnesium alloy products, making it a global magnesium alloy deep processing A leader in the field.


If there is a goal, there is motivation, and if there is unity, there is cohesion! Our goal is to make special features, high-end refinement, make technological innovation the soul of the enterprise, and lead the bright future of light metal "magnesium".

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