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Semi-continuous casting magnesium alloy bar
In addition to commercial grade magnesium alloys, there are more than 20 existing enterprise grades MM-1, MM-3, MM-6, MM30, MM31, MM51, MM10SJ, etc., and specific grades of magnesium alloy products can also be produced according to customer requirements.
High strength and toughness magnesium alloy bar
A series of technical problems such as grain refinement of large-size semi-continuous cast rods and composition segregation control have been overcome, which has improved product quality and reduced the production cost of subsequent extrusion of the enterprise. The magnesium alloy blanks of specific grades can be produced according to customer needs.
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The company is committed to the research and development of magnesium alloys, and provides convenient experimental conditions and various specifications of new magnesium alloy materials for domestic universities and research institutes.
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